Attention: Emotional & Comfort Eaters, Yo-Yo Dieters and Binge Eaters:
Now you can STOP Emotional Eating by Breaking Free of the Destructive Diet Mentality…

EAT and Grow Thin!
How to Lose All the Weight You Want WITH NO Hunger, NO Stress, and ZERO Guilt

Rapid Weight Loss for Us Wimpy Folk popped into my mind as I was naming this letter to you.

But I realized that you and I are NOT really wimpy. In fact, we're pretty tough cookies.

Do we struggle to find our willpower and beat ourselves up for our relentless food cravings?

You bet… it’s easy to start feeling like a wimp and like we just don’t have what it takes to lose the weight…BUT… I’ve made a huge discovery I think you’ll find is darn good news!

It’s NOT you! It’s the damn diet!

How long has it been since your last “oops weekend”?

Late in the evening do you feel like you turn into a junk food werewolf on the night of a full moon?

When was the last time you ENJOYED a thick gooey slab of chocolate cake? And…I mean enjoy without feeling guilty afterwards!

Maybe, like many, you’re not too comfortable answering those questions because they trigger some unpleasant even vulgar feelings inside you? …Stress?... Guilt?... Shame?

It’s okay to feel that way…(for now)

Because like millions of other good folks…

You have been BRAINWASHED by the dieting industry...

Brainwashed into believing that if you’ll only follow a diet…you’d lose weight…and when you fail it’s because you lack willpower…just “stay strong” they preach at you.

By the time you finish this letter…you’ll discover why it’s not your lack of willpower that’s hijacking your success, but how you’ve been virtually brainwashed into feeling guilty about your food.

As you’ll soon discover…When you drop your guilt - you’ll drop your weight…faster and easier than you may ever imagine.

Start by DROPPING GUILT…But how?

I don’t know if you want to lose 10, 50 or 100 pounds? Or if you’re just trying to drop a dress size, firm up your upper arms or tone up your tummy.

In short you’re finally going to start seeing how you can break free of this insidious cycle and realize your goals faster and easier than you may have ever thought possible before…


Weight Loss Secret #1: Stop Dieting


Let’s explore the thought that it’s the DIET not your lack of willpower that causes you to eat when you aren’t hungry.

So first…

Imagine this command so many dieters around the world have been programmed to obey

“I should follow my diet”

How do you react when you don’t follow your diet?

You may feel or say things to yourself like…

“I screwed up again!”

“I lack self control.”

“Maybe there’s something wrong with me?”

“Am I just a loser?”

“What’s the use?”

“Who cares?”

And then what do you DO when you FEEL those feelings?

Of course…YOU EAT! It's like a trigger...

When you feel you further violated the… “I should follow my diet” programming.

And…then what happens?

You eat more.


You feel even worse.

Then eventually not following the diet becomes so painful that you abandon the diet IN YOUR MIND, but in your heart you feel like you’ve failed again…which of course fires off an emotional eating trigger that we must attempt to put out.

What happens next is the WORST…and in my opinion the most damaging…

You get to a point where…

YOU NEVER enjoy a morsel of food because every bite you swallow is washed down with equal amounts of guilt, shame and remorse.
The guilt, shame and remorse you feel…STOP you from enjoying your food even at the very moment you’re eating it!

The result of dieting is the worst thing to happen to you because…

You never feel TRULY satisfied... EVEN WHILE YOU’RE EATING with the NAG, NAG, NAG of the DIET DEVIL on your shoulder!

Can you?

Let me ask you a revealing question?

Are you the ONLY person on the planet who wants to ENJOY their food?

NO!... Of course not!

There is NOTHING wrong with YOU.

Mother Nature hard-wired us to ENJOY food so that we would SURVIVE, much the same way she hard wired us to enjoy sex so we would multiply.

I am going to make a prediction about you...


I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that you are perfectly reasonable and rational when it comes to so many other facets of life! You find the strength to go to work every day. You’re courageously raising your children. You stand up for what you believe in!

Maybe…just maybe… you already have ALL the strength and willpower you need?

Sure sounds like it to me!

Let's have some FUN!...May we try a little experiment?

Let’s drop this programming for just a minute.

Shake your head like it’s an “Etch A Sketch” and let’s pretend for a moment.

If you could…

Let’s imagine…for just a moment a world where diets do not exist.

It’s a world where the word diet was never part of our language to begin with.

It’s hard to imagine at first.

But please try to picture it…

You live in a world now where you can eat without obsessing about how much weight you’ll gain…without counting calories…where eating is as guilt free as breathing in fresh air.

I know this doesn’t seem realistic…I’m suggesting you just experiment with me a little bit…

You can eat ANYTHING your heart wishes.

Who would you be WITHOUT the thought “I should follow my diet?”

Let’s see…

If you could drop the thought… “I should follow my diet”…

What would you EXPERIENCE when you bite into a warm, fresh baked chocolate brownie?

Wouldn’t you just simply… enjoy it?

Wouldn’t you just be PRESENT with the warm chocolaty goodness swirling around in your mouth?

You might even let it linger without swallowing to fully experience the dark richness and sweetness.



FINALLY Satisfaction!


And like gently inhaling fresh mountain air…after a few moments you get your fill and you ARE satisfied and feel nourished from the inside-out and you happily go about your day.

Who would you be without the thought that you’ve somehow “broken the rules”?



More Fulfilled?

Would feeling this way make you want to eat less? Or more?

If you could finally feel satisfied?

When would you eat?

In a world where ‘dieting’ doesn’t exist…and the pressure was off of you, You’d only WANT food when you’re????… hungry?

…yes…are you beginning to see?

Weight Loss Secret #2

Break the link between food and emotions and you’ll shed the pounds!


When you take yourself OFF of diets (see #1 above), you’ll have taken your first step to unburdening yourself from the pain and

UNNECESSARY stress, guilt and shame…that have been FALSELY programmed into you.
For some…

We link eating to comfort.

In short…

We eat to find PEACE.

As you may know…using food as a ‘white flag’  to find peace never works long term and actually CAUSES World War III within yourself.

Knowing this logically doesn’t help us cope one teensy bit though does it?

The knowledge itself is useless as a screen door on a submarine.

What you may find helpful is understanding…

…many of the emotional links we create between food and emotions FORMED when we were children.


When we got hurt either physically or emotionally many of our parents would pass out snacks to soothe and pacify us.

If we slogged around on a lazy summer day complaining to Grandma about how bored we were…Almost magically, POOF! Out popped the popsicles and ice cream sandwiches…I remember my Grandma would give me $2 for “Ice Mike” our neighborhood ice cream truck driver.

We bring home an ‘A’ on our report card and get rewarded with a trip to Chucky Cheese and where we’d enjoy an evening eating as the family hero for the night.


As kids we start linking:

  • Feel pain? Cure = food
  • Bored? Cure = food

And yes, even good feelings, like feelings of achievement we anchor to our food!

We then take those feelings with us into adulthood.

And even though we know better logically, we’ve yet to break these anchors and links emotionally.

It’s exciting how many new possibilities start unfolding after we begin to de-program our emotional anchors to food.

Weight Loss Secret #3

Hitting the gym and saying no to all the foods you love is NOT the answer!

Have you almost given up on having the slim, trim and sexy body you really want because you felt like you just don’t have the willpower?

What if I told you that there is one word which is PROVEN to help you lose weight faster and easier than willpower?

In fact…

When you start using this word…you won’t even n-e-e-d willpower.


As you may already suspect…willpower just plain doesn’t work.

Willpower is impotent and limp because it is based on LOGIC…

Because...When logic faces off with emotion, logic will get its butt kicked (almost) every time.

How about an example?

If logic (willpower) prevailed over emotion…then…

Would anyone EVER smoke cigarettes?

Ya know? They put a label right on the cigarette package that says…”THIS CRAP WILL KILL YOU!”

Can it be any more ‘logical’ to quit?


Millions of people continue to smoke?


Because having the FEELING of peace while they smoke BEATS OUT every last bit of their willpower and logic.

Do you see that?


So I am going to ask you to please stop beating yourself up because you lack willpower. You are a strong person!

You just haven’t been given the right tools…

Here's the BIG SECRET...I am going to ask you to start replacing willpower with willingness.

Willingness to take one small step…and then another…and then another until you are living the habits of a SKINNY PERSON.

Willingness requires ZERO willpower.

At most, it requires simply remembering.

How does willingness work?...Let me demonstrate for you...

Willpower is refusing the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie at TGI Fridays after supper.


Which takes nearly un-human WILLPOWER!

I defy even Spock from Star Trek to turn down a piece of that heaven.

So…unless you are Keira Knightley …who is so skinny I think she's from another planet…You can easily predict how the willpower story unfolds.

Now, compare willpower to willingness.

Willingness is enjoying your Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, but being willing and remembering to eat it slowly, savoring each and every mouthful while putting your spoon down between every bite.

What often happens before your dessert is even finished is… SATISFACTION! And…

when you feel TRULY satisfied you push the plate away…naturally!


And if you do finish it…you’re STILL okay… because you walk away from the table satisfied!

Now what happens when you feel satisfied much of the time…you AUTOMATICALLY eat less?


Yeah baby:-)

How much faster will you find the skinny you, if you are simply willing to slow down and savor: RATHER than mustering up massive willpower to ‘just say no’ to dessert…today…tomorrow…and forever?

How much more control would you have?

How much more at peace would you feel?

Isn’t it exciting?

The 3 secrets I’ve just shared with you are your first few steps toward a new life journey as a skinny you, a slim & trim you who walks through life happy and in control with your relationship to food because you never feel deprived, starved or desperate.


Now that we’ve taken those first few baby steps together…I’d like to invite you to join me for the rest of our exciting journey…




I proudly introduce to you…

The Strip That Fat Natural Weight Loss System

Your No Stress, No Guilt, Natural Weight Loss System


What is a Natural Weight Loss System you ask?

That’s a great question and first…

Let me explain what Strip That Fat is NOT and what you WON’T have to do!

  • It is NOT a rigid diet with impossible rules you’ll end up breaking and feeling like crap.
  • You won’t have to watch your friends eat all the yummy food you want and still feel like you have to apologize to them for being the ‘dieting dud’.
  • You will NOT need to rely on your WILLPOWER.
  • You won’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars a month for pre-packaged food.
  • You won’t go bonkers counting calories.
  • You won’t even HAVE to exercise. I don’t want to make this sound too easy…exercise is helpful, but NOT mandatory. So if you have a bad back, a bum knee or just can’t do a workout for any other reason don’t lose hope…you are not doomed to a life of bad health or never feeling attractive again.
  • You won’t be chanting some new age affirmations in a quiet corner of your home either.

What you will discover is…

  • A step by step system which gently transforms your mindset and FEELINGS into the same mindset as a NATURALLY SKINNY person.

Much like the movie Karate Kid, when Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel karate by “Waxing a Car” and “Painting The Fence”…


We’ll start with small tiny steps that you only have to be WILLING to take.

You take one tiny step.

Then you take another.

You’ll find these steps gradually transforming your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and MIND…almost without you being aware it’s happening!

Note: You may even find yourself telling your friend "I know it changed my eating habits and the weight is coming off, but I couldn’t EXACTLY tell you why."

Once your mind changes…then your feelings follow…and joyously you’ll find the pounds falling off of you NATURALLY and almost effortlessly.

Before you know it…

You’ve transformed into A NATURALLY SKINNY PERSON!



  • You’ll finally escape your unhealthy relationship with food.
  • You’ll no longer battle the monster on your shoulder compelling you to eat even when you’re NOT hungry.
  • Overeating becomes ancient history because you’ll finally experience lasting satisfaction and stop when you’re full.
  • You’ll enjoy meal time and food WITHOUT obsessing over how much weight you’ll gain.


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Are you a details person?

If so…

Specifically you’ll discover these many rewards…

  • How to break free from restrictive diets and still shed your pounds, strip away fat and slip into those jeans that have been stuck in the back of your closet.
  • Are ‘bad habits’ keeping you from reaching your goals? Stop trying to change the habit and what to focus on instead. (page 5)
  • WARNING: The ONE most important change to make BEFORE you undergo ANY weight loss program. Make this one simple change and you’ll enjoy LONG TERM success. Don’t and you face a nauseating, emotional roller coaster for the rest of your life.  (Page 6)
  • Do you try and skip meals? Why and how waiting to eat until you’re REALLY HUNGRY makes you fatter. ..or how eating whenever you’re the slightest bit hungry will actually melt away your pounds. (Page 15)
  • Have you heard you should eat 5 to 6 small meals a day? Why this MAY actually be BAD ADVICE for you and how you can gauge what is GOOD for you. (Page 16)
  • What we learned from our parents about meal time that is keeping most of us fat…and how we can de-program ourselves for fast- lifetime-weight loss. (Page 16)
  • What is your biggest meal of the day? Dinner? Why shifting your biggest meal of the day from dinner to lunch can have a dramatic effect not only when you step on the scales, but on your energy and HAPPINESS levels too. (Page 17)
  • A secret to dealing with CRUSHING your cravings for chocolate, pastries and other sugar sweets. Hey! Sometimes your BODY really wants these…if it does…eat them. Follow this secret and you’ll start being able to tell the difference between cravings and what your body wants nutritionally. (Page 17-18)
  • We overeat because we want to feel satisfied, yet most of us NEVER TRULY experience satisfaction…on page 18 you’ll discover why and the ONE simple solution. It only takes days to start working and requires ZERO willpower!
  • The secret LONG TERM losers did 78% of the time…and they NEVER feel deprived. (Page 19)
  • Too busy to eat breakfast? Here’s what to do. (and no, you don’t have to set your alarm earlier.) (Page 19)


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  • *Stressed out because you are going to have dinner out? It’s okay…follow these 4 guidelines and you not only have a great time out with family and friends, but you’ll walk away guilt free too. (Page 22)
  • *HUGE TIP! Don’t ever leave the table hungry. Here’s why (Page 26)
  • *A recent survey reported that people that _______ _______ reported having more feelings of regret, shame and disgust with themselves. It’s too bad because the cure is a slight modification in HOW they eat. (Page 27)
  • * The tool that will cost you all of $6.95 at Wal-Mart that makes losing weight not only fun, but psychologically rewarding for you too. When you feel good about what you’re doing…don’t you usually continue? (Page 29)
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  • *What’s the correlation between your stomach capacity and the size of your butt? Discover the one trick that shrinks both, but leaves you FEELING MORE SATISFIED at meal times. (Page 35)
  • *How to never hit the gym again and still lose all the weight you want. Think of the money you’ll save too! (Page 40-43)
  • **Is the Pizza and Pasta monkey on your back? Here’s how to talk him down (Page 47)
  • *Exercise can help you speed up your results (but not mandatory), be careful not to fall for the scams many exercise equipment companies are trying to pull over on you. (Page 49-50)
  • *If you are going to exercise…FORGET THE ABS…and focus on _______ because you’ll burn off far more fat during the day…even when you’re at rest! (Page 52-54)
  • *The #1 best fat torching exercise for you! You may never guess what it is because the weight loss equipment companies fatten their pocket books by keeping this a secret! (Page 55)
  • *Could Hollywood be actually making us fatter? (Page 61-64)
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  • **Are you REALLY food addicted? (Page 61-70)
  • *And Much More!


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Right now…

You’re at a crossroads.


You’ve really only got 3 choices the way I see it.

  1. Do Nothing…You could leave and do nothing and continue on with Yo-Yo dieting , wrestling with your willpower and feeling like crap when you fall short. If you take this path then you have to ask yourself…”If I don’t do anything different how can I expect anything wonderful and new to come into my life?”

  2. Go It Alone…You could take some of the information you’ve learned today and go it alone. Just the information shared with you today can be a great help…But…there’s a mountain of knowledge that I couldn’t share with you today. You’d be missing out on dozens of principles, strategies and techniques which would not only accelerate your success, but also taking a pass …A lifetime of feeling in control of your eating and weight.

  3. Grab Our Help and Take a Path to A New You – Say YES to the gentle path of trusting and loving yourself. Change your relationship with food. Break free of the looming shame, guilt and regrets of the past.

As you find yourself pleasantly surprised by subtle changes in your attitude…you feel empowered with new control over food

Soon after, your delight grows as you witness your body transforming before your eyes. At some point it may occur to you that you’ve not only changed your mind and body…but you’ve changed your life!

Awesome stuff which may happen TO YOU:

  • You go clothes shopping and try on new clothes without breaking down into tears.
  • Your friends not only compliment you, but ask you for advice.
  • Your doctor’s face lights up, pleased and relieved; he/she asks you how you did it!
  • You notice all your old clothing is too big…even the wedding ring is a little loose.
  • You feel your ‘butt bones’ , see your cheek bones and find other bones you almost forgot you had!
  • Even trivial things bring joy, like tying your sneakers, you find easier.
  • You have so much more energy you rough house with the kids without getting tuckered out.
  • You put on the ‘tall boots’ again and discover old clothes fit again!
  • You don’t snore as loud…or as much…and sleep through the night.
  • You take your son or daughter to the park and can swing next to them.
  • You’re shocked at how differently people you’ve known for years and even strangers treat you differently.
  • You bounce out of your car with ease.
  • You start playing little games with yourself like seeing how far you can pull your pants down without unbuttoning or unzipping.
  • You sit crossing your legs!
  • You're so skinny you slip into a restaurant booth like it was made of butter.

And there is so much more just waiting for you…

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Rooting For You,
The Gang At Strip That Fat:-)

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